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Photo by Tom Stoye

Interview by Mike Popso:

"It’s very simple, my work is basically a visual manifestation of my travels through these industrial areas where I am painting.  I mostly paint trains so where ever I end up, it usually looks like these areas that I’m painting. I’m usually in a dark place painting with tons and tons of colors.  If I were to paint these places, how they look in real life, they might be a bit more of a gloomy scene, might not have as much color to it.  So when I’m adding all the color, it’s just what I’m doing when I’m in that nasty area. 
It’s brightening the area up in my world. " 
Jordan (TEAD) Vaughn

The TEAD One Memorial Fund is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that was founded by the family of Jordan Vaughn, aka TEAD One, to honor his memory, continue his artistic legacy and provide a platform for other urban artists in Detroit and the surrounding communities to grow their artistic practice, collaborate with other artists, and share their work with the community.

Located at Fishnet Artist Studios

4357 Schaefer Rd.

Dearborn, MI  48126


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